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Transportation at the COA

Are you in need of a ride to a medical appointment, beauty salon, grocery store, or social event? Our dedicated volunteers drive people in need of transportation, door to door at no charge to you! Serving in the towns of Andover, Danbury, Grantham, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton and Wilmot.
Contact us at 603-526-6368 or seniorrides@coachapincenter.org to begin the application process.

Volunteer Drivers Needed

Many of the seniors who live in your town rely on the Chapin Senior Center’s Volunteer Transportation Program. You could help provide much needed transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and local errands.

Drive when it fits your schedule!

Please call Karen Lester at (603)526-6368.

What is the transportation program? The COA transportation program is an all-volunteer run service to our senior neighbors in our nine area communities. We normally drive as far north as Dartmouth-Hitchcock and as far south as Concord Hospital. No fees are charged for this program, but all are encouraged to contribute to COA at year end. Volunteer drivers and volunteer schedulers are the backbone of this program.

Who can participate? Any resident of our nine-town service area who is 55 years old and older who is undable to drive due to an illness, injury, or disability and who has successfully completed the in-take process, is eligible to receive drives.

Volunteer drivers! An all-volunteer driving force serve nine area towns making up COA’s service area, encompassing 329.3 square miles. Volunteers cover their own insurance and fuel costs, and offer door-to-door service. We are always seeking new volunteers who wish to give back to their community.

What does it cost? This program is offered at no charge to seniors who qualify and is delivered in a compassionate, caring fashion.

How do I become a volunteer or sign up for a ride? Please contact the Chapin Senior Center at 603-526-6368 or seniorrides@coachapincenter.org.