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COA's June 2021 Zoom Programs

Tom & Tom’s Men’s Discussion Group - Mondays at 9:00am via Zoom

Book Discussion Group - 2nd Tuesday of the month att 10:00am via Zoom

Computor Tutoring with Nick Oursoff - Nick will be available for ½ hour on-line tutoring sessions. Nick has an extensive background in computers from teaching to programming.

Please call COA at 603-526-6368 to register for any of the above Zoom programs

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Aging Resource Center

Tai Chi Quan for Better Balance

Parkinsons Support Group

Phone number: (603) 653-3460

Virtual Upper Valley Dance Theater Performance


The Raqs Salaam Dance Theater filmed its 16th Annual Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance Showcase in 2020 rather than hosting it live at the Lebanon Opera House.

The 75-minute virtual showcase celebrates the dance and cultures of North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and beyond. The performance features many Upper Valley dancers as it charts a colorful sojourn through these regions, with dazzling dances from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and Columbia, as well as pieces from India and Russia. Raqs Sharki (Belly Dance) and folkloric/regional dance styles are presented, along with Russian Romany dance with skirts, Algerian Kabyle dance and Indian Bhangra dance with veils, fire and more! In addition, New England's Middle Eastern Band, Zaatar, performs melodies from Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey.

Please contact Liz Draper at lizadrap@aol.com or text/call 603-477-4753 to obtain a free link to the performance.