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Granite State Wheelers

All senior bikers are invited to join in one of the following road biking groups which are now affiliated with Granite State Wheelers (GSW).

Wednesdays: Slow Spokes

Thursdays: N89ers

The Slow Spokes usually ride at a somewhat slower pace and for a shorter distance than the N89ers.

Riders are encouraged to join Granite State Wheelers (GSW), a state-wide group that provides many benefits including insurance on club rides, newsletters, discounts at sponsor shops, bicycle maintenance clinics, full access to GSW ride schedule, and more.vDetails can be found at www.gswheelers.org. The Slow Spokes and N89ers list their weekly rides on the Meetup app (www.meetup.com) under the GSW club link (www.meetup.com/granite-state-wheelmen-bicycling/).

Community Events